broaden & deepen your communication skills

be authentic and assertive

‘Being full of yourself’ can have negative connotations. Through action methods we facilitate you to explore the fullness of your role repertoire in the service of accessing more of yourself. To gain insight into your strengths and limitations, your values and qualities will promote your authentic and assertive self.
Stress in the workplace is almost a given and looking after one’s own wellbeing has become more evident than ever before. Being able to say ‘no’ is often frowned upon and yet to sustain productivity and wellbeing do not have to be mutually exclusive.

Clean clear statementing can help cut through stuckness but doesn’t have to been clinical surgical strikes causing irreparable damage…….rather it can sustain and grow team relations.

So can you be fully present and authentic?
Teams are one layer but as individuals how do we maintain our own clarity personhood so we work well.
We help you identify your own ways of working and learning to maximise your abilities.
What helps you to work at your best?
How we step into work?
To work effectively small things matter. Having quiet to write or to puzzle when others want to talk.
Talking things through with colleagues when others need quiet.
Interrupting and being interrupted
In a new situation do you: act first/read first/talk first/think first…or a bit of all four.
All are vital but not all at once

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