collaborative working

5-narrowWorking collaboratively with you over a period of time we offer:
an opening team/group session
individual mentoring(s)
a closing team/group session
We like this format because we know it promotes assimilation and integration of learning and sustains change. We are open to variations on this format as per your need. 

Working in action
You can gain insights, skills and new solutions to your work practice through working in action. 

Different Perspectives
Moving from verbal to visual, invites you to move what is inside your head to the outside. This offers you the opportunity to see what you are puzzling about, and to relate to it from a different perspective.

FM05Creative Solutions
Our facilitation provides the space for you to bump into creative solutions in a way that hunting for them, only in a verbal domain, can become restrictive. It is in laying out systems that we facilitate people in being able to explore issues differently. Our methods are based on many years of working in action. Rather than ‘role-playing’ we engage in mapping out situations.

Playful, safe and constructivecropped-logoonwhite-3.jpg
We help you create a space where through playful, safe and constructive action we invite you to try, to test, and to grow new skills and abilities together. Our methods are fundamental to reducing discriminative practice.

We have three scales of charges.
Community/Charity, Public Sector, Corporate.

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