who we are

cropped-logoonwhite-6.jpgFacilitation Matters has developed from Noelle Branagan and Sue Orton’s collaboration. The bedrock of our work is to inspire you to be more of who you are. The works of John Heron and JL Moreno underpin our approach. We seek to shift your perspective to a more healthy collaborative one. See ‘how we work.

iuNoelle is an experienced group facilitator and psychotherapist. For over 25 years she has used Morenian Action Methods both in psychotherapy and in the design and delivery of courses and workshops for staff and management groups. Her expertise lies in facilitating personal and professional change and development, using these methods. DSC00371

has 30 years experience as a humanistic psychologist (IDHP) and creative facilitator. Using humanistic action methods she advocates and facilitates self-directed learning with particular reference to the work of John Heron. Sue balances FM work with life as an artist weaver. 

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